This past weekend, I had the honour of speaking at the Palestine Solidarity demonstration in Mile End, alongside passionate marchers from Ilford, Newham, and Tower Hamlets. The energy and commitment of everyone present were truly inspiring.

At the heart of our gathering was a shared conviction: the urgent need for a full and immediate ceasefire in the ongoing conflict. It’s imperative that we continue to exert pressure on the Government, urging them to take decisive action to prevent further bloodshed and hold accountable those involved in committing war crimes.

The plight of the Palestinian people demands our unwavering solidarity and advocacy. As voices united, we stand resolute in our call for peace, justice, and an end to the suffering endured by countless innocent civilians.

Using the hashtag #CeaseFireNow, we amplify our message across social media platforms, mobilising support and galvanising action. Together, we wield our collective voice as a force for change, refusing to stay silent in the face of injustice.

As we reflect on the solidarity demonstrated at the Mile End demonstration, let us carry forward the momentum and determination to effect tangible progress. Each of us plays a crucial role in advancing the cause of peace and standing in solidarity with oppressed communities worldwide.