I had the pleasure of participating in a wonderful event at Redbridge Library this morning, where we celebrated the remarkable achievements of One Place East’s CreateAbles Project. This initiative has been making a significant difference in the lives of individuals living with disabilities in our local community.

One Place East, a remarkable local charity, has been at the forefront of promoting equality and inclusion for people living with disabilities in our area. Their dedication to improving the lives of these individuals is truly commendable.

It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm and creativity of the participants in the CreateAbles Project. Through various art and craft activities, they have not only developed new talents but have also built a strong sense of community and belonging.

One Place East’s commitment to fostering inclusion and empowering individuals living with disabilities is an example for us all. Their work not only enhances the lives of those they directly serve but also enriches our community as a whole.

I encourage everyone to learn more about the invaluable work of One Place East and to support their mission of promoting equality and inclusion. Your support can help them continue to make a positive impact in the lives of people living with disabilities in our local community.