I welcomed rugby legend Tim Stimpson in Parliament this afternoon, joined by colleagues from the Commons & Lords Rugby Team. Tim, renowned for his career with Leicester Tigers, England, and the British Lions, is now focused on enhancing player safety through ‘HedKayse,’ an innovative rugby headguard.

Safety Innovation: HedKayse Headguard:

Tim Stimpson’s collaboration with ‘HedKayse’ aims to reduce concussion risks for rugby players. Our meeting explored the possibility of introducing this groundbreaking headguard to local teams, ensuring safer participation for young enthusiasts.

Key Attendees:

The gathering included Mark Pawsey MP, Lord Dominic Addington, Tonia Antonazzi MP, and Ben Everitt MP, emphasizing a collective commitment to rugby and community welfare.

Future Steps:

Our focus is on making rugby more accessible and secure for young players.