Last night at Parliament, I had the privilege of joining the Avicenna Foundation alongside their young scholars, dedicated funders, and a community working tirelessly to overcome barriers to education within the Muslim community, with a particular focus on Ilford.

I was genuinely impressed by the impactful work of this new organisation. Witnessing firsthand how Avicenna steps in to support individuals facing tough choices about higher education and the accompanying financial burden was truly inspiring. Many, thanks to Avicenna, are now empowered to pursue their educational goals without the daunting weight of excessive debt.

In this post, we delve into the remarkable efforts of the Avicenna Foundation and advocate for a broader discussion on the accessibility of higher education in England, echoing the model of free education seen in Scotland. Join us in recognising and celebrating the positive impact Avicenna is making in breaking down barriers to education and fostering a more inclusive academic landscape.