I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Ilford Pakistani Diaspora Coordinating Committee, a significant initiative aimed at fostering stronger ties between the Pakistani community in Ilford and the United Kingdom. This landmark event took place alongside the Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan and esteemed representatives from our local community. The establishment of this committee marks a momentous step towards empowering our local Pakistani community and furthering bi-lateral relations between Pakistan and the UK.

Empowering the Local Pakistani Community:

The Ilford Pakistani Diaspora Coordinating Committee is a platform designed to empower and uplift the Pakistani community residing in Ilford. It is vital that we recognise the immense contributions made by our Pakistani constituents and work towards creating an inclusive environment that supports their aspirations and addresses their unique needs.

Through this committee, we aim to facilitate a stronger sense of community cohesion, provide a platform for networking and collaboration, and offer support and guidance to individuals and businesses within the Pakistani diaspora. By empowering our local Pakistani community, we can harness their collective potential and promote social, economic, and cultural growth.

Strengthening Bi-lateral Relations:

In addition to empowering our community, the establishment of the Ilford Pakistani Diaspora Coordinating Committee will also play a crucial role in strengthening bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom. By fostering closer ties, promoting dialogue, and enhancing cooperation, we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that encompasses economic development, cultural exchange, and diplomatic collaboration.

The committee will actively engage with the Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan and other key stakeholders to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership. This includes promoting trade and investment, facilitating cultural exchanges, and encouraging educational linkages between our two nations. By focusing our efforts, we can maximise the positive impact of the Pakistani diaspora in Ilford and contribute to the growth and prosperity of both countries.

The launch of the Ilford Pakistani Diaspora Coordinating Committee represents an exciting milestone in our journey towards community empowerment and strengthen bi-lateral relations.

I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to witnessing the positive impact that this committee will have on our community and bi-lateral relations. 🇵🇰 🇬🇧