As the dire situation in Afghanistan continues to unfold. The recent collapse of Kabul and the subsequent takeover by the Taliban have left countless Afghan lives at risk. Despite the urgency and magnitude of this crisis, the UK government’s response has been woefully inadequate, as indicated by the alarming statistic that only four Afghan refugees have been brought to the UK since Kabul’s fall. Today, I stand before you to demand that the Government step up its efforts and take immediate action to save lives.

The failures of both the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Home Office in responding to the Afghan crisis are glaringly apparent. The situation on the ground is dire, with reports of targeted killings, violence, and oppression by the Taliban. It is disheartening and infuriating to witness the lack of urgency displayed by our government as Afghan lives hang in the balance.

According to official Home Office figures, a mere four Afghan refugees have been brought to the UK since the fall of Kabul. This number is not only appallingly low but also completely disproportionate to the scale and gravity of the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan. The FCDO and Home Office must recognise that this is not a situation that can be dealt with through inaction or token gestures.

Today, I call on the UK Government to step up and do more. It is imperative that they take immediate action to protect Afghan lives and offer sanctuary to those in desperate need. The Home Office must expedite the processing of asylum applications and ensure that those most at risk are prioritised. We have a moral obligation to provide refuge to those fleeing persecution and violence.

Furthermore, I urge the FCDO and the Home Office to work collaboratively with international partners and organisations to facilitate safe evacuations for Afghans at risk. This crisis demands a coordinated and compassionate response from the international community, and the UK must lead the way.