Amidst the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, taking action became imperative. Witnessing the suffering of innocent families, I couldn’t remain idle. That’s why I was honoured to host a fundraising dinner in collaboration with Medical Aid for Palestine, an event that brought together over 400 compassionate individuals from our local community.

The outpouring of generosity was truly overwhelming. Seeing our community rally together to raise vital funds for Gaza reaffirmed the strength of solidarity and compassion. To each and every person who attended and contributed to this noble cause, I extend my heartfelt gratitude.

I’m deeply thankful to the local businesses and sponsors whose support made this event possible. Their contributions played a pivotal role in the success of our endeavor.

Through our collective efforts, we sent a powerful message: Ilford stands unwaveringly in support of Gaza. We demand an end to the bloodshed and urge for an immediate ceasefire. Our commitment to standing with the people of Gaza remains resolute.

Together, we have shown that compassion knows no boundaries. Let us continue to stand together in solidarity, advocating for peace and justice for all. 🇵🇸