In the realm of human rights advocacy, few encounters are as poignant and urgent as the one I recently had with Mushaal Hussein Mullick. As a human rights activist and the wife of Yasin Malik, a prominent political figure unlawfully detained by the Indian Government, her story is both heartbreaking and emblematic of the ongoing struggle for justice in Kashmir.

Despite renouncing violence and embracing the path of peaceful democratic resolution, Yasin Malik finds himself behind bars, a victim of political persecution and injustice.

Meeting Mushaal Hussein Mullick brought into sharp focus the personal toll of political repression. Her unwavering resolve and quiet dignity in the face of adversity were both inspiring and humbling. As she shared her husband’s story, detailing the arbitrary detention and the relentless campaign of harassment and intimidation, it became abundantly clear that urgent action was needed.

In light of this harrowing situation, I am committed to making urgent representations to the British Government on behalf of Mushaal Hussein Mullick and Yasin Malik. The potential enactment of a death sentence against Yasin Malik would not only constitute a grave injustice but also a flagrant violation of international law and fundamental human rights.