Tonight the world is watching, as telecommunications have been cut to Gaza, as the Secretary General of the UN says that this is a ‘moment of truth’ and the ground invasion of Gaza likely begins I reiterate my call for a ceasefire, alongside over a quarter of all Labour MPs, the Mayor of London, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, and the Scottish Labour Party Leader, alongside hundreds of Labour Councillors across the country.

I stand with LFPME as we continue to be dismayed by the destructive events in Gaza and Israel as well as the loss of thousands of civilian lives, including children. We are extremely concerned at the potential for escalation and further unacceptable casualties.

As such, we urgently call for:

🔺An immediate ceasefire by all parties, including stepping back from an expected ground invasion and a cessation of rocket fire.

🔺The immediate and unconditional release of all hostages brutally taken by Hamas.

🔺Unfettered humanitarian access to alleviate the suffering in and collective punishment of Gaza.

🔺The proactive upholding of international law, including the investigation of and accountability for breaches committed by any party.

🔺A serious and concerted reinvigoration of international efforts to achieve a negotiated Two-State Solution.