I fully endorse the below statement by Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East which represents a broad swathe of Labour MPs – jointly calling for a ceasefire.

Calls for ceasefires are not ‘political slogans’ it is a principled and well-thought-out position based on international humanitarian law, binding on all parties, with the backing of key international organisations such as Oxfam and the United Nations, as well as numerous international figures – from the Pope, the Spanish Prime Minister to the Irish Taoiseach.

We need a ceasefire now, to end the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, where over 4000 children have now been killed, and nearly 10,000 civilians. It would allow aid back into Gaza, more time to negotiate hostage release, and crucially prevent the conflict from escalating to a regional-wide war, which now seems a grave and imminent danger.