I am delighted to share insights from a recent meeting at the All-Party Parliamentary Kashmir Group (APPKG) with His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Faisal, the new Pakistani High Commissioner. This gathering was particularly poignant as we commemorated Kashmir Day, reflecting on the shared history and challenges faced by the Kashmiri people.

During our discussions, we delved into critical events unfolding across Kashmir and Pakistan, exchanging perspectives on the current geopolitical landscape and exploring avenues for cooperation.

As we mark Kashmir Day, it is essential to amplify the voices of Kashmiris and advocate for their rights on the global stage. Our meeting underscored the importance of solidarity and mutual understanding in addressing the complexities of the Kashmir conflict.

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Faisal and fellow members of the APPKG, as we work together to strengthen UK-Pakistan relations and promote peace and stability in the region.