It was an honor to recently meet with Dr. Mohammed Faisal, the new High Commissioner of Pakistan to the UK, alongside Lord Wajid Khan. The meeting, which took place in Ilford, marked a significant opportunity to discuss various issues pertinent to the Pakistani community in the UK and the bilateral relationship between the two nations.

Ilford holds a special place as one of the key hubs for the Pakistani diaspora in the UK. With one of the largest Pakistani communities in the country, the area serves as a vibrant cultural and economic center. Recognising the importance of this community, the meeting aimed to address their needs and aspirations.

The meeting with Dr. Mohammed Faisal, accompanied by Lord Wajid Khan, underscored the commitment of both Pakistan and the UK to foster closer ties and address shared challenges. As representatives of our respective constituencies, we remain dedicated to advancing the interests of the Pakistani diaspora and promoting bilateral cooperation in various spheres.