It was great to hear from Jim McMahon, Metro Mayors, Local Govt Labour Leaders, and transport leads from up and down the country, at the Labour Party’s National Bus summit today.

Labour Metro Mayor’s like Andy Burnham, Tracy Brabin and Dr. Nik Johnson won astonishing electoral victories promising a radical transport agenda which included the brave decision to take buses back into public control, ending decades of damaging Tory deregulation. Moving to public control, and aiming even higher towards municipal ownership in the future.

Hearing from technology leading British manufacturers, Trade Union representatives abs grassroots public transport campaigners alongside global leading transport policy experts really demonstrated that Labour is not only serious about winning power, but delivering a bold transformative agenda in transport.

It was also great to hear from Labour Councillors, Waseem Zaffar, Sir Richard Leese and Stephen Robinson, to hear about the amazing work they are doing for their constituents in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

It’s clear as day that Labour in power delivers real meaningful change, both locally and nationally.