Last week the APPG on Kashmir met to engage with the Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Moazzam Ahmad Khan. The meeting shed light on concerns regarding the controversial G20 meeting organised by the Indian Government in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir territory. In Ilford we have a sizable Kashmiri community, I am deeply committed to upholding human rights and ensuring justice for the people of Kashmir. The meeting of the APPG on Kashmir allowed us to amplify the concerns raised by the Pakistan High Commissioner and emphasise the importance of upholding international human rights obligations.

Upholding International Human Rights: The High Commissioner passionately called upon the international community, including the G20 nations, to fulfill their responsibility of upholding international human rights obligations and actively contribute to implementing the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions on Kashmir. The situation in Kashmir demands urgent attention and action to halt human rights violations and to repeal draconian laws that perpetuate oppression, including demographic engineering.

The Role of G20 Countries: As representatives of their respective nations, the High Commissioner urged the G20 countries to recognise the severity of the situation in Kashmir and play an active role in resolving the longstanding issue. By using their diplomatic influence and economic leverage, G-0 countries can press for justice and accountability, ensuring the restoration of basic human rights for the Kashmiri people.

Supporting a Peaceful Resolution: It is imperative that we stand together, transcending political affiliations, to support a peaceful resolution in Kashmir. We must continue to engage with international bodies, promote dialogue, and advocate for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions, which call for the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir.